THC6 – EASL Tehran will hel completely online

It is our honor to claim that for the first time in Iran and Middle East with cooperation of Technology Radin Pasargad we proceed to perform a conference fully online, online registration, recording attendance online, advanced notification and also all information can be downloaded with high speed on attendees mobile phones are the most important features of the 6th International Tehran Hepatitis Conference.

The way of using this system is at first of entering to conference make available your mobile’s Wi-Fi and connect your device to THC6-EASL-TEHRAN and a page will open for you automatically that let attendee to use system’s facilities.

The most important parts of this system we can name as follows:

  • Register:

In this part the preregistration will be done and information such as, name, family name, national code, phone number and Email will be filled correctly and then a SMS will be sent for you. (The final registration will be done after payment)

  • Pay:

In this part with entering national code and also the related fields the payment amount will appear, that with online payment gateway the registration will be completed, finally the confirmation SMS will be sent for you.

Also you can pay with POS device that is located and available in conference.

  • Enter at:

With using this item in specific time you can register your presence time in conference. (Every connected device can register only one attendee in conference.)

  • Leave at:

With using this item in specific time you can register your exit time and the confirmation SMS will be sent for you. (Every connected device can register one attendee’s leaving in conference).

  • Look up:

In this part with entering confirmed national code you can see your records and ensuring your registration, entering and leaving hours and so on.

  • Web Information (Conference Information):

In this part all the items of notification are available that the most important parts are as follows:

Time table: getting online daily program and schedule of different hall of the conference and downloading the presentation and the audio file of the finished lectures.

Booklet: downloading the conference booklet with high speed on your connected device.

News: downloading the latest news and important events on the system.

Application: downloading the required programs for opening and using the related files.

Contact us: sending questions to support section and receiving replies on your connected device.

Brochures: in this part the related brochures and catalogues can be downloaded.

Sponsor: in this part the sponsors of the online conference is located.

Executive Secretariat Congress Online : 02632226606

Email :